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Movement as Personal Expression

Oftentimes when people hear about the races I run I get a reaction like, “What? You go how far? I don’t even like to drive that far!”

As an ultramarathoner, I love experiencing the outdoors in a way that strips me of all ego. I love to be navigating through terrain that is challenging and requires mental as well as physical preparation, where the odds of success are never guaranteed. It is a passion that allures me in all respects. It is why I routinely run races anywhere from 30-100 miles.

I love preparing my body physically via long runs in the woods. There is something special about breathing fresh air straight from the source. There is something enticing about experiencing the places my mind goes after hours outdoors in pristine forests. And there is something magical about conquering feats that you never thought possible for yourself.

Movement is how I physically express my emotions in ways that words cannot define. This powerful relationship is why I never see myself growing still in my age. I will always be looking for avenues to emotionally express myself through a physical practice.

What about you? You may not like running or even scoff at the idea of lacing up shoes. You may have been told that running will ruin your knees. You may even have a dislike for going into the woods.

This is all fine and good and I don’t expect a majority of people to buy into my passion. After all, it's what MOVES ME, but we each have our own ways of moving. However, the big question is:

“In what ways can YOU physically express YOURSELF?”

How do you constructively work towards a goal via a physical pursuit that helps show the world the real YOU? It may not be running, cycling, swimming, weight training, or yoga, but the question is how can you use your body to illuminate another portion of your being? Which activities make you FEEL good and what kind of movements do you ENJOY?

These questions require some pondering, but here are a few examples to get you thinking deeper about activities that can help bring forth an inner person through physical means.

Any way you MOVE your body is the right way, and can lead you to personal health and well-being.







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