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Welcome to Eat Move Groove, where we offer simple, practical ways to nurture your well-being. Whether you're beginning your wellness journey or seeking a health boost, we're here to empower you with easy-to-implement recommendations that will transform your life. Our program simplifies your path to well-being with a focus on simple plant-forward eating, purposeful movement you enjoy, and easy ways to boost you on your wellness adventure. 


Join us on this transformative journey and unlock the secrets to lasting well-being!


meet our founder

our Story

Our story began with a simple idea: What if supporting personal well-being—eating, moving, and grooving—didn't have to be complicated?


Drawing from solid science and guided by experts in nutrition, exercise, and well-being, Eat Move Groove emerged as a fun, easy-to-follow plan. We developed the Eat Move Groove program to simplify your path to health, focusing on nourishing your body inside and out. 


Join us on this journey of feeling good, staying healthy, and embracing a happier, healthier lifestyle every day.

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Meet The expert groovers

The experts on our team have vast experience and expertise in a wide range of fields including nutrition, exercise, fitness, mindfulness, well-being, community building, complementary care, and health coaching.

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susan (susie) kundrat

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demetruis J. willis

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Leah Seidel

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shari barnes

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heather fink

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courtney chramowicz

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