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Eat Move Groove: Unlock the Simple Steps to Lifelong Nutrition, Fitness & Wellness provides a source for positive, practical, easy-to-practice recommendations based on research from professionals in the science and practice of eating, moving, and boosting well-being. It’s a philosophy developed as a lifestyle -- not a diet.


The book is a guide to incorporating practical tools into your day to carry out recommendations from decades of research in these areas. And it’s simple. Welcome to EAT, MOVE, GROOVE and 2211!

Get your paperback or Kindle book on Amazon below and be sure to join our book launch team and help spread the news about Eat Move Groove!

Susie's new
book is here!

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podcast feature

Eat Move Groove author, Susie Kundrat, sits down with 'Mom Writes First,' host Jen Larimore to discuss Susie's new book and the intersection of motherhood, wellness, and achieving writing goals.

The basics of eat move groove

positive living

The Simple 2211 Lifestyle Plan is a positive way of living every day.

Simple Habits

It's not a diet or a rigid exercise program, but a way of life based on simple, daily habits.

Flexible Well-being

Built on solid research, it offers flexibility for busy times, serving as your rock to renew and re-center your well-being.

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Get the Book Now and Start Your Journey!

Discover a simple, positive, and sound plan you can rely upon with Eat Move Groove. Susie's book and lifestyle plan provide you with a trustworthy roadmap to implement your eat, move, and groove plan.


Be confident knowing Eat Move Groove is based on sound nutrition, exercise, and health practices backed by decades of research. Say goodbye to complicated approaches and embrace a practical path towards a more fulfilling life. 

a purchase with purpose

22% of book proceeds support nutrition security and wellness.   

We believe optimal well-being belongs to everyone. At Eat Move Groove, 22% of proceeds from the sale of Eat Move Groove: Unlock the Simple Steps to Lifelong Nutrition, Fitness & Wellness will support food banks, nutrition security, and well-being initiatives. Join Eat Move Groove and help us expand health and well-being opportunities for all.

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