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It's HERE!

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Dear Eat Move Groove supporters,

Thank you for following this exciting journey as we launch the Eat Move Groove book! We appreciate your support and look forward to getting your feedback about the book! Please join us for upcoming Eat Move Groove Happy Hours online or at one of our in-person book launch events! 


Because I’m self-publishing, the most important part of the launch is to spread the news about the book. If enough people read it, write reviews on Amazon (and other places), and buy the paperback, e-book, or audiobook (all coming soon), it will reach more readers. My goal is to help people as much as I can with this book, so that’s why the launch is so critical! Please share this opportunity to read the free PDF and spread the positive Eat Move Groove message!


Watch Susie's introductory video below!  


Click here to get an early PDF copy of my book

This takes you to my Bookfunnel page, where you put in your email and get set up on the team. I will send periodic emails on upcoming events, Eat Move Groove Happy Hours, book launch parties, and other fun events related to the book. This will be a good time! 


Read the PDF of the draft of the book

When you're finished, Susie would love to get your feedback! Send a personal note to Susie here. 


Recruit your friends, family, and anyone you think would be interested in Eat Move Groove to join our launch team! I would really appreciate it if you each text, email, or contact at least 3 people you know who are interesting in boosting their health and well-being and invite them on the team!


We encourage you to purchase a book (e-book, softcover, or audiobook) from Amazon

Purchase your copy here! Amazon likes “verified readers,” meaning you have purchased the book from them, so these reviews carry more weight. But you don’t have to purchase the book to write a review and have it count. That’s fine too! Your review will be listed, and that’s most important!


Write an honest review on Amazon 

Rate the book (5 is highest) and encourage your friends, family, and anyone you think will appreciate the book to do so, too! Your review can be as short as a sentence or two! Just write from the heart and in a way the book speaks to you. You can also upload a photo with the book or a video review! 

You might consider these questions as you write your review: 

  • What do like best about the book? 

  • How do you think Eat Move Groove will help people?

  • Why do you recommend this book to readers?

  • How is this book different from others you’ve read about nutrition, fitness, and wellness? 

Topics that may give you more ideas based on feedback I’ve gotten so far:

  • I will use this book every day because it’s simple and easy to use and I encourage readers to take a look. 

  • I helped with this book and I’m excited it’s out! This is why:

  • This book works for me (and my family) and this is how I implement it…

  • This book is simple, but based on real science.

  • I love the approachable style of writing Susie uses in Eat Move Groove. 

  • This book provides doable recommendations based on many experts in nutrition, fitness, and wellness.

  • I’ve been looking for a book that has a plan that will help give me guidance and support, but is flexible and easy to do for life, not just for the short term. 

  • If you know me or have worked with me, you can share that to start your review. Amazon appreciates transparency when reviewers know the author. 


Share on social media 

Write a short blurb or post a video on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, or other platforms. This is a huge help! This will ensure we keep getting the word out about Eat Move Groove! Please link to the book on Amazon and ask your followers to join our Eat Move Groove community by joining our email list at


Please give a shout out to Eat Move Groove (@eatmovegroove) and follow me on social media! I will be posting a lot, so I would appreciate it if you comment and share, too! And subscribe to our Eat Move Groove YouTube channel where we will be hosting LIVE events and posting new videos. 


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Here's how you can help:  

Get your copy today!

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You can find more ideas and thoughts from others who have read the book in the endorsements section at the beginning of the PDF draft of Eat Move Groove: Unlock the Simple Steps to Lifelong Nutrition, Fitness & Wellness.

Thank you!


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