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it alL started with an idea

What if eating, moving, and grooving (supporting personal well-being) wasn't so complicated?

What if we took the science supporting optimizing nutrition, exercise, and well-being and developed a doable plan that's easy to put into practice every day?

What if we made eating, moving, and grooving accessible, fun, and enjoyable within a simple framework without taking a lot of time or costing a lot of money?


That's how Eat Move Groove emerged.  

Solid science. Experts in the fields of eating, moving, and grooving. Fun. Simple. Easy to implement. Join our Eat Move Groove community today and learn more about this exciting program. 

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Simple, plant-forward eating.


Listening to your body.


Eating foods you enjoy. 


Eating for health and well-being, while including your favorite foods. 


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Positive movement.


Finding activities you enjoy that make you feel good.


Focusing on moving how YOU like to move your body.


Moving for health and well-being while embracing your favorite activities.


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Supporting your personal well-being in ways you enjoy. 


Seeking your personal "groove"  that works for you.


Investigating ways to nurture yourself on a daily basis.


Focusing on how you feel and what works for you as an individual. 


introducing the 2211 plan

Simplify your path to well-being.   

Eat Move Groove is built around a simple plan you can implement every day.

With the EAT plan, you'll enjoy building your plate around produce, protein, whole grains, and healthy fats. And, you'll choose foods you just LOVE to eat every day, even desserts! It's YOUR body and it's YOUR choice. 


The MOVE plan incorporates movements YOU enjoy. Find the ways your body feels best within the plan and boost your personal well-being.  

The third leg of the plan, "GROOVE," is all about positivity and enhancing your experience every day. Engage in activities that bring you joy and support your physical, emotional, social, and mental well-being, whether it's mindfulness, spending time with loved ones, or enjoying moments of relaxation.

With the 2211 Plan, you'll discover a simple, positive, and easy-to-implement nutrition and movement plan that prioritizes your well-being. It's about feeling good, staying healthy, and building a framework to support your personal health journey each day. 

Are you ready to nurture and support your well-being with support from experts who understand the challenges we face and help sort through the confusion? 


Dive into the transformative journey of Eat Move Groove and discover how easy it can be to nourish your body, move with joy, and embrace positivity in your daily life.

Get your paperback or Kindle book on Amazon below and be sure to join our book launch team and help spread the news about Eat Move Groove!

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book is here!

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"How you eat, move and groove every day becomes your wealth of well-being over a lifetime."

Susie Kundrat, Founder

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