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Eating, Moving, and Grooving in Beautiful Montana

Going from one cold climate to another cold climate isn’t always a dream vacation. When most people think of vacation, they think of sun, beaches, cocktails, and relaxation. While this is dreamy and wonderful, I recently decided to visit my best friend in Montana. Most people ask me “Why Montana?” when I tell them I’m traveling there, as this is my second trip Westward in the past year. My answer to that is the scenery, the people, and most importantly skiing.

I am a sophomore studying nutritional sciences on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. While interning for Susie with Eat Move Groove, I have noticed multiple different things about my personal well-being. I have a good understanding of what I like and need, but embracing the Eat Move Groove philosophy and the 2211 plan Susie created has opened my eyes to how simple life can be. I appreciate not having to follow a strict diet or worry constantly about my food intake and exercise.

Coming back to my recent Montana trip, I incorporated the 2211 plan into it. The wonderful thing about Susie's plan is the flexibility. Being able to go on a vacation and still be mindful of my health goals with 2211 is rare. In Montana I went to visit my best friend Abby and her husband. Being in someone else's home can be intimidating and scary when it comes to embracing a plan. Being able to adapt and become intentionally flexible when someone else is hosting you is the best thing to do. We had many incredible meals, including an amazing homemade gnocchi with a creamy spinach sauce and a salad.

My favorite part of this trip was the skiing. The weather was perfect, and the ski runs were stunningly beautiful. I am a skier back home in Wisconsin and I am also lucky enough to be employed at my local ski resort, Granite Peak. Although I am grateful for my home mountain, nothing compares to skiing out West.

Skiing is one of my favorite ways to MOVE and GROOVE. Skiing provides my body with a mixture of heart-pumping exercise and strength training. Skiing lets me see beautiful views, move my body, and experience a freeing feeling. I love to listen to music while I’m grooving and moving. There is nothing better than skiing down the mountain, getting a good workout in, listening to music, and being with friends. For me, being active while having fun at the same time is key to achieving a healthy MOVE goal whether I’m hiking, biking, running, or skiing. I’m happy I got the chance to eat, move, and groove in the gorgeous state of Montana with my favorite people! How do you move and groove in ways that feel good to you?

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