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Behold the Wonders of Nature

As someone who spends much of my time in nature and has personally experienced all the natural world can do for mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health, I am so happy to share with you the benefits of being in the great outdoors.

Given that nature is so incredibly vast in both beauty and benefits, it’s difficult to succinctly summarize all that one can receive from her expansiveness. Luckily, there is plenty of science-backed research to confirm the reasons why we feel so much better after a dose of Vitamin N – or Vitamin Nature. According to a 2019 study following nearly 20,000 people, spending at least 2 hours a week, or less than 20 minutes a day, in nature boosted health and well-being. It could be all at once, or short spurts during the week. Either way, getting out and enjoying Mother Nature has so many benefits! It could be sitting under a tree in your backyard, taking a stroll through your neighborhood park, working in your garden, or backpacking through a national forest.

Let’s delve into some of the benefits of being in nature that may surprise you.

What can nature do for you?

- Improve short term memory and boost mood. Nature walks may improve memory and can boost our mood. Try getting off the busy street and sneak away to a park or green space when possible.

- Boost the immune system. When out in nature breathing in fresh air, you’re also breathing in health-promoting compounds given off by plants. As we breathe these in, we are rewarded with a boost in health-promoting cells in the body.

- Lower blood pressure. In Japan, practicing forest bathing or immersing oneself in the forest, also known as shinrin-yoku, has been shown to lower blood pressure and decrease stress hormones when compared to being in a city atmosphere.

- Improve sleep. Exposure to sunlight during the day can increase our melatonin production at night, which helps regulate our sleep schedules.

The benefits of being in nature are endless. Are there opportunities for you to find a new green space near you? Are there nearby city parks or forest preserves you haven’t explored? Can you spend more time in the yard or garden? How about stepping outside for a work break to get a breath of fresh air? It all adds up to fostering your health and well-being.

You may have experienced how great it feels to take a deep breath after a fresh rain, go on a walk and connect with a friend, hike on a new trail, watch a garden grow week after week, smell a beautiful flower, or swim in the ocean. Now you hopefully have more insight into why these experiences make us feel so good. Whether you aim to sleep better, improve awe and gratitude, enhance your physical and mental health, connect with yourself, lower stress, or improve focus, creativity, and concentration, remember that Mother Nature is here to help you get your groove on in the great outdoors!

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